Connect your Binance wallet with KoinBasket.

Now that you have signed up, it’s time to prep you for the real deal. To trade live in a safer,secure, seamless and faster manner on KoinBasket, you will have to connect your Binance wallet.

To successfully connect, make sure these 3 things are taken care of on your Binance profile:

-KYC Verification is complete

-Funds have been added to your Spot wallet

-API key management terms are accepted

KYC Verification:

Log into your Binance account
Go to “Profile”

Verification Badge✔️ Account is verified.

Verified Badge on Profile

No Verification badge ❌ Account is not verified; Please complete your KYC

⚠️Please note that if Verification Badge is not visible on your profile, you cannot connect to KoinBasket.

Funds in Spot wallet

When you add funds to your Binance account they are automatically added to your Funding wallet. These funds cannot be used for trading. You will have to move your funds to your Spot wallet in your Binance account.


⚠️Please note that you will not be able to connect to KoinBasket if there are 0 funds in your Spot wallet.

API Management

Binance has recently updated their API key* management terms and conditions.

Log into your Binance account
Go to API Management:
Click on “Accept”

⚠️Please note that if you have not accepted the new terms and conditions on the API page:, you will not be able to connect to KoinBasket.

*API key is important for verification and security reasons while using Third Party APPs similar toKoinBasket

If all the above mentioned steps are done; You can proceed to connect your Binance account with KoinBasket.