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Our crypto baskets start
at just $100 with 0% fees

Kick out the FUD and HODL peacefully with our crypto portfolios

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G.O.A.T basket

A pack of leading cryptos that have withstood the test of time

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NFT & Gaming basket

This one has cryptos pioneering the digital art and gaming world

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Internet sensation basket

Find cryptos with a huge fanbase on social media in this basket

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Moon basket

A crypto basket with the potential to deliver exponential returns

Relax! We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.

Secure & reliable

Your funds and assets are safe as we do not touch them. Koinbasket just helps you to seamlessly buy and sell baskets from your own crypto exchange account.

Basket investing

Our integration with crypto exchanges empowers users to invest in cryptos like mutual funds and ETFs with the added advantage of customised investing and full control.

Healthy portfolio

The health check engine behind Koinbasket regularly scans crypto data to discover opportunities,spot red flags and send rebalancing alerts to users for timely action.

Recurring investments

Accumulate your crypto baskets regularly by taking advantage of frequent market volatility. You can pre-set recurring purchases on a weekly or monthly basis.

More Baskets coming soon...

All Collection

Noob basket

Invest in market leading cryptos that are large in size & valuations

Lambo basket

Invest in promising Mid-small-cap cryptos for higher returns

Halal Basket

A Shariah-compliant basket of coins for resposible investors

Low-volatility basket

A crypto basket with lesser volatility than broader markets

Whale basket

A basket of crypto coins where influencers have large holdings

DeFi basket

Invest in cryptos with potential to disrupt financial sectors

Ethereum ecosystem basket

Invest in fast-growing cryptos built on the Ethereum ecosystem

Yield farming basket

A set of cryptos that provide passive income to hodlers

Cloud storage basket

A set of cryptos that are disrupting cloud storage in a big way

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