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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers for the most common queries about KoinBasket and its offering.

Rewards FAQs

What is KoinBasket?

KoinBasket is user friendly investment interface that builds well researched and diversified crypto portfolios for investors. Its primary objective is to increase the probability of portfolio success and control risk by allocating funds to promising crypto projects spread across different crypto industries, themes and ideas.

How does KoinBasket help investors make the right investment decision?

There are close to 10,000 crypto assets listed on various crypto exchanges. Picking the right set of cryptos isn’t easy, unless you have a reliable fiduciary friend by your side.
At KoinBasket, we believe, well-researched diversified investing for the long term is the way forward to creating wealth peacefully. The engine behind Koinbasket acts as a reliable fiduciary that collates complex crypto data, analyses it in view of the current market trends, past performance and valuation, and finally prepares ready-to-invest diversified crypto baskets that match an individual’s risk appetite, budget and investment philosophy.

Does KoinBasket guarantee safety of capital or profit?

Like equities, investing in cryptos is highly risky and doesn’t come with capital and/or profit guarantees. Though adequate care is taken to spread the investment risk, your capital is at high risk and susceptible to substantial losses. We suggest investors do a proper financial assessment through certified financial planners and/or investment advisors before investing in cryptos. As a word of caution, investors should invest only small amounts which they can risk entirely.

How do I buy KoinBaskets?

It’s easy for investors having a trading account with any of the popular crypto exchanges including Coinbase, Binance and Kraken. Investors can login to KoinBasket’s interface using the login credentials of their crypto trading accounts. Once logged in, investors will have to pick a crypto basket of their choice and proceed with the seamless buying experience in a few clicks.
For those who do not have a crypto trading account should first open an account with any of the popular crypto exchanges and then follow the above steps to start buying Koinbaskets.

How do I track the performance of the KoinBaskets I purchased?

Once the KoinBaskets are bought, they are saved under “My portfolios” section of the dashboard. Investors will get real-time updates of their investment performance like overall Portfolio P/L, crypto-wise P/L, latest prevailing prices etc.

Is there any fee to buy KoinBaskets?

Enjoy the services, its free for now.

Referrals FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers for the most common queries about KoinBasket referral program. We take referral fraud seriously. If any user is found accumulating referral rewards through fraudulent means, their account will be permanently deactivated without notice. For more details, please contact us at support@koinbasket.com
Read referral program terms of service

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How much cashback will I receive for my Binance connection, first order, and referrals on KoinBasket?

For connecting your Binance account and completing your first order: You will earn 1 USDT.
For referring friends:
When your referred friend connects their Binance account and makes their first trade, you will get 1 USDT.

Note: Rewards will only become redeemable after the first trade. All cashback amounts are subject to the referral reward structure mentioned in the KoinBasket app. Only eligible rewards will be shown on the referral dashboard.

Why is my referral or Binance connection reward pending?

Your referral reward may be in a "pending" state due to the following reasons:
First Trade Requirement: You or your referred friend has not yet completed their 1st trade on KoinBasket. Once they execute this trade, the reward status for you will change, allowing you to redeem the accrued rewards.
Account Verification: You have not verified your account via OTP (One-Time Password). Ensure that you complete the OTP verification process for the rewards to move out of the pending state.
Remember, any accumulated rewards will only be redeemable after the first trade condition is met.

How do I claim the cashback?

If you have connected your Binance account with KoinBasket, the cashback will be automatically credited to your USDT wallet address associated with your Binance account. If you haven't connected your Binance account yet, make sure to do so within 90 days of your first successful referral to claim the cashback.

When will I receive the cashback?

Cashbacks are processed biweekly, every Tuesday. Successful Binance connected and purchases made by your referred friend on or before the previous Friday will be considered for the cashback payouts. If there are any delays, we will inform you and schedule the cashback payment for the next cycle.

Can I earn cashbacks without connecting my Binance account?

Yes, you can accumulate cashbacks without connecting your Binance account. However, to claim the cashback, you must connect your Binance account with KoinBasket within 90 days of making your first successful referral.

Can I refer multiple people?

Yes, you can refer multiple people to the KoinBasket app. However, please note that there is a total limit of 1000 users who can participate in the referral program. Make sure to invite your friends and family before the limit is reached to ensure they can participate in the program.

What is the process for claiming your reward?

In order to claim rewards through KoinBasket, it is necessary to complete OTP verification. This added verification step ensures the security of your account by preventing unauthorized access.