KoinBasket: Crypto Investment Platform

There are plenty of platforms in the market that assist you in investing your money in digital currency also known as cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency market is getting popular and expanding day by day. Cryptocurrency trading platforms are also expanding.

Every platform offers a unique trading experience.

As there are several trading platforms in the market the risk of getting scammed or fraud has also increased. Thus, it’s important to choose a crypto platform that’s not only trustworthy but also caters to your needs.

One such crypto trading platform that we are gonna talk about in this article is KoinBasket. We’ll explore how this crypto trading platform is helping users to invest in cryptocurrency. We'll also understand why this feature-packed platform is the right platform for you to invest your money in cryptocurrency. 


Before we head on to explore KoinBasket and its various features we need to understand the term Cryptocurrency. So, cryptocurrency is a digital currency that’s based on blockchain technology. It’s used in the digital world to trade and invest in the digital market. The first cryptocurrency to launch in 2009 was Bitcoin. 


KoinBasket was first founded in the year 2022. It is located in countries such as UAE, USA, and Singapore. Although KoinBasket is a new crypto investment platform, it has gained a significant following in this very short period.

This platform offers a variety of products as well as services to its users. Such as Crypto baskets, Demo trading, Crypto Fantasy Leagues, and risk-free cashback. That's a platform powered by the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase and Binance. Let's go through each of these services one by one to gain a better understanding.

Crypto Basket

Crypto baskets are a portfolio of cryptocurrencies that are pre-built. It's managed by the KoinBasket team who look into the investment area. Now you may be wondering, how does this help a user or how is this beneficial for a user? Well, crypto baskets are an amazing way for investors. It's useful for investors who are trying to get exposure to the crypto market without even choosing any individual coins or tokens. 

Demo Trading

One of the biggest fears an individual has in mind when he/she thinks of starting his/her investment in the crypto market is loss. The KoinBasket’s feature helps to mitigate this fear from a user's mind. Demo trading is a feature where you can start demo trading without even risking a penny. This helps the user to gain confidence and he/she learns the ways to invest in the crypto-market which further helps them in minimizing their loss. 

Crypto Fantasy leagues

This is one of the most fun features of KoinBasket. It's a feature wherein users learn about cryptocurrencies. They invest in cryptocurrencies in a gamified way. 

Here players create their team of cryptocurrencies. They fight against other players to earn points based on the performance of the crypto coins they choose. This activity makes crypto trading fun and also helps the users to make wise decisions. 

Live Trading

One of the coolest features of KoinBasket is that it provides you with the option of Live Trading. In this, a user can trade their demo cryptocurrencies in real-time, and that too on a simulated market. This feature helps users practice their trading skills that too without even risking their real money. 

So, how does one use this feature? Well, it's simple. All you need to do is create an account on KoinBasket (if you haven’t already). Once you have created the account, you need to add the demo currency or virtual currency. Once you have deposited the demo currency, tada!! You’re all set to trade.

Risk-free cashback

‍One of my favorite features on this platform is Risk-free cashback. KoinBasket offers cashback of up to 10% on all the crypto trades that a user makes. 

Referral program

KoinBasket also conducts referral programs. Here, users earn rewards when they refer KoinBasket to their friends and families. Making it a great initiative to make people aware of this crypto platform. It also helps users to earn a few extra bucks. 

These were some of the very great features of KoinBasket. These features allow its users to invest in cryptocurrencies without worrying about loss.

KoinBasket helps its investors to make the right investment decisions. Now you may be wondering how it does so. Let's understand. Look, it's not at all easy to pick the right sets of cryptocurrencies as there are almost 10,000 crypto assets, listed on various crypto exchanges. KoinBasket is a platform that believes in generating wealth without any stress. To do so, one must invest for a long term that is well-researched as well diversified.

That’s why KoinBasket is a company that collects all the complex crypto data. It also analyzes to study and understand the current market trends and past performance. After that, it generates a crypto basket that includes only the top 1% of cryptocurrencies  

that’s ready to invest. 

KoinBasket provides its users with a smooth experience, like any other shopping app such as Amazon. The reason why I’m saying this is because like on Amazon you can buy any desired products without any hassle. You can buy cryptocurrencies hassle-free. KoinBasket comes with an integrated powerful research of Bloomberg. 

The target audience of Koinbasket is Web 2 users. KoinBasket provides these users with educational as well as informational tools so that these users can shift from Web 2 to Web 3. 

With KoinBasket the choice always remains with its users as there’s no custody of funds or assets thus, empowering its users to make better choices. 

KoinBasket allows you to diversify your crypto portfolio by adding various cryptocurrencies. It also helps a user to simplify their crypto choices. 

Not only this but KoinBasket makes sure that the user's experience remains seamless.

With KoinBasket a user does not have to go through any hassle as they trade. The platform helps its users by assisting them to stay away from risky investments. KoinBasket does not support leverage trading, F&O, Short selling, or marginal trading.


There are many companies or platforms available in the market. But KoinBasket is one of those platforms that is not only trustworthy but also helps its investors in every possible manner. 

It makes sure that a beginner does not feel uncomfortable while making their first crypto investment. It also comes with various features that allow its users to master the art of cryptocurrency. Thus, if you are also someone who’s looking for a crypto investment platform. Go for KoinBasket as it is both trustworthy and easy to use. So, What are you waiting for? Start your cryptocurrency journey with KoinBasket now.