KoinBasket: User-friendly Navigation system

If you are someone who likes to trade and invest in cryptocurrency and are searching for a crypto platform whose interface is user-friendly you can invest and trade your cryptocurrency.

Congratulations!!! You are at the right place. In this blog, we are going to look at one such platform where you can trade your cryptos without facing any hurdles and with ease.

The platform that I’m talking about is KoinBasket. KoinBasket a cryptocurrency platform has a very smooth navigation system. It’s designed in such a manner that it’s easy as well as concise. This feature helps a user to find the information as well as tools that are required.

The extreme top left corner of the KoinBasket interface includes the below-mentioned options:

Home: Once you click this button, you get 3 options that are, Dashboard, D.I.Y, and Baskets. Upon clicking the home button it takes you to the dashboard which is the homepage of the KoinBasket. Here you can select the language by clicking on the top-right-hand side of your home page. KoinBasket currently supports 3 languages that are English, Turkish, and Portuguese.

On the same page in the top left corner, you can select whether you want to go for demo trade or live trade. You can also view your demo balance.

Below this, there is a bar that shows your demo capital, your current value, your gain/loss, and your return percentage. You can also view your portfolio by clicking on the “view portfolio” option right under the bar.

You also get an option to log in with Binance and earn 1 USDT on successful login.

You also get an option to buy as well as create a basket.

Right under this, you also get an option called “Join League” There you can build your crypto basket like a fantasy team and also win cash prizes.

You also get an option to invite your friends who are Binance users by sharing a code mentioned there.

D.I.Y: Right under the Dashboard tab you get a D.I.Y button. Upon clicking the same you get two columns or blank spaces wherein in the first one, you have to fill in your basket name and in the second column you have to fill in your basket tagline.

Under these two columns you get 5 blank boxes where you need to add at least one 1 pack and upon doing that you get an option to create a basket.

Baskets: under the D.I.Y tab you get the Baskets button. Upon clicking the basket button you get to see the top 3 leagues and their rank as well as their prize money.

Under that, you get an option called Join League. Under this, you get to see two options. “My created baskets” Here you can view baskets that are created by you and under that, you get to see an option called “Ready-made baskets”. Here, you get plenty of readymade baskets.

Each basket has a different name such as “GOAT Basket”, “NOOB Basket”, “DEFI Basket” and many more.

Upon clicking any of the baskets you get a short overview of the basket and you also get to see which crypto coins the particular basket includes.

Under the overview, you get an “invest” button, upon clicking that you get to invest in the particular basket.

Portfolio: Under the basket tab you get the “portfolio” button. Once you click on this button you get 3 options right under it. “My holdings”, “In Progress” and “History” buttons.

My holdings: Upon clicking the “my holdings” tab you get to see all your past and current transactions that you have executed through your KoinBasket account.

In progress: Right under “my holdings” you can see the “In progress” button. Upon clicking that button, you can view your all pending cryptocurrency trades that are under progress.

History: Below the “In progress” tab you can see the “history” tab. When you click on this tab you can see a bar wherein you can see a calendar icon when you click on the same it provides you with an option to select the starting date and ending date. These two dates are used to check all the transactions that you have made at a particular time.

League: There’s a tab called “league” right under the “history” tab. When you click on the “league” tab you get to see a variety of options.

On the topmost area, you get to see 3 boxes with three different options. “League calendar”, “+ Daily League”, and “+ Weekly League”. Upon clicking the “league calendar” option you get to see 3 more different options. Calendar, claimed, and Unclaimed.

Upon clicking the “Calendar” option you get to see a bar below which consists of a starting as well as ending date. Under this, you get to see 3 rows.

The first one consists of different dates, and the second one shows the “daily league” Here you get to see the amount of the prize pool. The 3rd row shows “Weekly League” Here you can check out the total prize pool.

Under the three rows, you get a description or overview of the prizes and also the rules and regulations of the league.

Under this, you get a tab “view league”. Upon clicking it you can see your rank as well as other users' rank so that you can compare where you stand as compared to other users.

Claimed: Beside the “calender” option you get to see a “claimed” option. You can check all your rank, league/basket, and winnings here which you have already claimed.

Unclaimed: Besides the “claimed” option you get to see an “Unclaimed” option where you can check your rank, league/basket, and your winning which you haven’t claimed so far.

+ Daily league: Right beside the League Calender tab you can see the “+ Daily league” tab. Here you can see your league basket or even create one if you haven’t yet. You can also see your rank and other players’ rank, their name or basket, and even the return percentage.

+ Weekly League: Right beside “+Daily league” you can see “ + weekly league” tab. Here you can check out your rank, other players’ name or basket, and their return percentage weekly.

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