Before you proceed to read this blog make sure you have gone through the first part of this blog so as to understand KoinBasket’s navigation system without any confusion. The link to the first part is attached below. Link:

Okay, so in the last blog, we discussed the navigation system of the KoinBasket platform which helps a user to navigate through the same with ease.

In this blog, we will continue with the same and explore all the other different tabs and options which can further help a user to navigate properly.

In the last blog, we covered the “League” part now under this tab there are other tabs as well. Let's check it out.

Rewards: Below the “League” tab you can see a tab called “Rewards”. It’s a new feature that’s been added by KoinBasket. Once you click on this tab, you’ll get to see 3 different options on top in a horizontal bar. These are Referral, Redeem, and Rewards.

Upon selecting the Referral option, you get to see the name through which you have logged in to the KoinBasket.

Beside your name, you get to see your total earnings. Under this, you get to see three things that are “processed”, “In progress “ and “pending rewards”.

Besides each of them, there’s a certain amount mentioned. Under this, you get a referral code that you can share with your friends to earn some cashback.

To share the same you can see 2 options; “share” and “copy”. When you click on the share button you get two options either you can share the code via WhatsApp or with Telegram.

You can also click on the “copy” button and paste it to any messaging app to share the code. You and your friends with whom you have shared the code also get a joining bonus as well.

Redeem: Besides “Referral” there’s a tab called “Redeem” Upon selecting the same you can type your referral code that your friends have shared with you and redeem the code.

Rewards: Besides the “Redeem” tab there’s one more tab called “Rewards”. Here you can see your last login information and your daily streak. If you log in every day, you’ll get daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly rewards for demo trading.

Manage Accounts: Right under the “Rewards” you get the “Manage Accounts” tab. Upon clicking the same you get 5 more tabs. Let's look at each of them one by one.

Wallet: The first tab You get after clicking on the “Manage Accounts” tab is “Wallet”. Once you click on the same you get a page where you get to see a box with three columns which consists of three things.

“Reward Points Earned” by you, “Reward Points Used” by you, and “Rewards Points Available”. Under this box, you get to see your “Reward History”.

Profile: The second tab you get is “profile”. Here you can fill in your “Personal details” such as your First name and last name as well as your e-mail ID, your country code, and your mobile number.

You also get to see your referral code so in case you want to refer it to someone you can do that without any hurdle. Under the “referral code,” you also get an “Edit Profile” tab. You can use this tab to correct any information you have filled in your “Personal details”.

Connection: The third tab you get to see is “connection” Upon clicking the same you get to manage your exchanges. You get an option to either log into “Binance” or “Coinbase”.

Contact Us: The fourth tab which’s right below the “connection” tab you get to see is “Contact Us”. Upon clicking the same on the very top you get a blank horizontal box wherein you can fill your title for any of your issues or feedback.

Under this, you get a relatively bigger box than the above one. Here you can provide a detailed description of your issues or feedback so that the KoinBasket support team can get in touch with you as soon as possible.

After filling both the boxes, you get a submit button down below you can use that to submit your issue or feedback.

There’s also a number and an e-mail id, below the “submit” tab. You can use that too to get in touch with the KoinBasket support team. They’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Sign out: The fifth and the last tab under “Manage accounts” you get to see is “Sign out”. Upon clicking the same you get signed out of Koinbasket.

This feature makes sure that nobody apart from you can use your KoinBasket account. After you have signed out, you need to sign in again using the login ID and the password. Thus, making your account safe and secure.

Support: Under “Manage Account” you get to see a tab “Support”. Upon clicking the same it takes you to KoinBasket’s telegram channel called “KoinBasket Official”. You can always get any support regarding your KoinBasket account.

Feedback: You get to see the “Feedback” option right under the “Support” tab.


Now, that you have seen how smooth is the navigational system of KoinBasket, you can now navigate through the same. A good navigational system is essential for any crypto trading platform. KoinBasket is one of those platforms that allow its users to navigate through their platform without any hurdles.