Metawallet: Store your cryptos Easily and safely

As cryptocurrencies are getting popular day by day, they have also become a target for hackers and that’s why it has now become very much essential to store your cryptocurrency in a place that is both safe as well as secure. Metawallet is an e- crypto wallet that comes to your rescue, Herein you can easily store your cryptocurrency without worrying about or stressing the safety of cryptocurrencies.

In this article, we are going to dive into the world of metawallet and we’ll also explore how you can safely secure your cryptocurrencies using metawallet.


So, before we move on to discussing the meta wallet, we need to have a basic understanding of cryptocurrency. So what is cryptocurrency? Unlike normal currencies like Dollars and Euro which you can touch or feel and are governed by a central authority, cryptocurrency is a digital currency not governed by any central authority and based on blockchain technology and works in the digital world. A few examples of cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.


To understand meta wallet you’ll first need to understand crypto wallet. So, a crypto wallet is a place where you store your cryptocurrencies so that you do not lose them and save them from fraud and unauthorized transactions.

Metawallet is a non-custodial wallet, which means that you have full access to your private keys thus, making it way more secure than the traditional centralized wallets, which are usually easier to hack. Not only that, Metawallet is easier to use and is compatible with a variety of blockchains.

Benefits of using metawallet

Now that you are aware of metawallet, let’s look at the various benefits that metawallets bring.


The first feature of metawallet is security. Since metawallet is non-custodial in nature its security gets increased. Unlike centralized wallets, where you do not have full control due to third-party control, in metawallet you have full control over your private keys. With metawallet, the responsibility for guarding your private keys lies completely on you thus, enhancing the security of your digital currency.

Ease of use:

Metawallet brings a user-friendly interface that helps both beginners and the experienced to use this crypto wallet with ease. The wallet’s easy design makes the various tasks like sending, receiving, and storing digital currencies simple. This feature helps every user, especially the beginners to comfortably navigate through the world of cryptocurrency.

One wallet for all:

If you are an investor who holds more than one cryptocurrency and wants to store all in one place, metawallet is the perfect place for it. As, metawallet can hold various types of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc in one place. Thus, reducing the need for separate wallets for different cryptocurrencies.

Defi integration:

metawallet’s partnership with the decentralized finance (defi) ecosystem enables users to take part in various activities such as Lending, borrowing, trading  from the wallets, and many more.

Handles growth

One problem that remains with crypto wallets is that when the demand for a specific wallet increases that is when many people try to use cryptocurrencies, the wallet tends to slow down but it’s not the case with metawallet as it does not slow down if more number of people use it as it can handle the increased demand.

Get started with metawallet

Now that you have an idea about the metawallet let’s see how to get started with the metawallet

To get started with your metawallet, the first step is to download the metawallet app and create an account. Once you have done that, you are all set to add your cryptocurrencies to your wallet.

To add your cryptocurrency to the metawallet, you’ll need to provide your public address so that you can receive cryptocurrencies. You can find the same in your metawallet app.

Once you have added your cryptos to the metawallet, you are all set to receive and send cryptocurrencies.


The world of digital currencies is growing at a fast rate and the risk is also growing day by day thus, you need a metawallet to secure your digital money so that you can store and trade cryptocurrencies with ease and without any worry.