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“Since I downloaded the app. Crypto currency trading has been very easy for me. All my favorite coins are in one basket. Customer support is also great. I highly recommend koinbasket to all my friends who are in passive investment. Kudos!”
Jason Ross
Android User
“A friend had been telling me to get in to cryptocurrency but I was weary. After hesitant thinking and research, I picked koinbasket because of its security and ease.”
Bryan Thomas
Android User
“KoinBasket is the best cryptocurrency platform in usa to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The koinbasket interface is very user-friendly and there are many ways to purchase cryptocurrencies with ease.”
Ryant Hinahon
Android User
“First of, this app has really made me re-think about my opinion for current crypto market. I'm a coinbase user. When I downloaded koinbasket, it never felt that I was on another crypto app. Just used my coinbase creds and voila....I was able to browse through various crypto baskets. The experience on koinbasket is just seamless. Would recommend this app to all crypto investors and to beginners like me. Every coin is supremely researched and placed strategically in a basket.”
Femia Krenz
Android User